The demands on Public Services are growing and the resources (budgets) are decreasing. It is essential that service providers find more effective, more efficient ways of providing the service. Currently, major changes are being planned.

Increased longevity is imposing greater and greater demands on Social Services and NHS, in particular. This trend will continue.

It is overwhelmingly in your interest to understand what these changes mean to you personally. The 50+ Forum expect to be one of the best sources of information for you to keep abreast of the changes. We also intend to give you the opportunity to comment on the changes proposed prior to their implementation.

We hope you will follow us on Facebook and our website as these changes unfold.

Developments in the Forum

Representing the interests of the over 50s through this period of change poses an enormous challenge to the Forum. This has been made more difficult by the loss of a number key members of the steering Committee since the last AGM. However, this has not deterred those that remain. It made us realise that we have to be even more focused on our goals.

We have taken a very structured approach to reviewing strengths and weaknesses. It was decided that we should work with the Council to see where and how we might be able to apply our resources and expertise to enhance initiatives (changes) they are making. In particular, we want to make sure that the over 50s are a key part of their strategies. So you will see that we will be responding to their proposals and consultations. Hopefully, with input from residents of the Borough.

The outcome of our deliberations has been the development of a “Business Plan”. Obviously we are not a business but all the best organisations have a plan and this seemed a reasonable title. If you want to see the detail and what we are committing to, you can read our Business Plan here.