Pension Credit Changes

Benefits Changes from May 2019

It was widely reported in the media in early January 2019 that the Government had announced changes to Pension Credit. These are to come into effect from May 2019. Caerphilly 50 plus Forum drew attention to this on our Facebook page on 17th January.

The changes affect pensioners who live as a couple. They will only be able to make a new claim for pension credit when both partners are over the state pension age. From 15 May 2019, those living in a couple will only be able to claim if both partners have reached the qualifying pension age.

If you have not yet started claiming pension credit you are entitled to, and your partner has not yet reached the qualifying age, you should apply now to make sure you continue to receive it after the rules change in May.

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Department of Work & Pensions

Changes to benefits for mixed age couples

Guy Opperman (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion) said:

“Pension credit is designed to provide long-term support for pensioner households who are no longer economically active. It is not designed to support working age claimants.

“This change will ensure that the same work incentives apply to the younger partner as apply to other people of the same age, and taxpayer support is directed where it is needed most.”