The Christmas Event

Lewis School, Pengam – Caerphilly Over 50

Mike Oliver, recently retired assistant head at Lewis School, Pengam, joined our Steering Committee this summer. He has long supported the inter-generational Lunch Club at the school. He had hoped to have a special event for the Lunch Club this Christmas and asked the Committee if it was possible to provide some financial support. We were delighted to be able to support the event by sponsoring the entertainers and extend an invitation to Forum members.

An excellent Christmas meal was enjoyed by 80 attendees. Throughout the meal we were entertained by 2 professional entertainers: the act included George Formby, trumpet solos, duets and solo vocals. Oh, by the way, they were both old boys of the school.

From left to right: Mike Oliver; Geraint Barnes; Colin Bourdiec (George Formby); James Kerby (British Legion)

It was particularly pleasing to see the range of groups that attended; Lunch Club, Forum

Joan, Gaynor and Helen from Blackwood Stroke Group

Members, Carers (unpaid), Care Home, Stroke Group, Church group.

We were also able to generate a small surplus of funds to make a donation to the British Legion.

Finally; a huge thank you to Lewis School, Pengam and their head master, Chris Parry, for their continued support for the Lunch Club and Intergenerational initiatives.