A Message from the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

As the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, my role is to protect and promote older people’s rights and ensure that action is taken to improve their lives.

Ending ageism and age discrimination, which underpin many of the issues and challenges faced by older people, is a priority, and over the next three years I will be delivering a wide range of work focused on tackling these issues.

Ageism results in older people being treated unfairly and their rights not being respected and upheld, impacting upon their health, well-being, independence and quality of life.

Yet despite its prevalence, ageism and its impact are often overlooked or ignored by society.

This has to change.

That’s why I’m launching this campaign – #EverydayAgeism – to raise awareness of the scale and impact of the ageism faced by older people every single day, challenge ageism and age discrimination, and empower older people to do the same.

Ending ageism and age discrimination benefits everyone so I do hope you are able to lend your support to the campaign so we can work together to change attitudes by demonstrating how widespread ageism is across society and challenging the myths and assumptions about older people that fuel ageism.

Useful Facts and Figures

From Our Chairman

In order to maximise the impact of the campaign and make sure that the #EverydayAgeism campaign messages reach the widest possible audience, you can help in a number of ways.

Send us examples of ageism and age discrimination you have experienced by using our contact form, so they can be called out and challenged. We will pass on your information anonymously (unless you give permission to use your personal details).

Share the post that appears on the Forum’s Facebook page with your contacts.

Get in touch using our contact form with other ideas for how we can work together to tackle ageism.

You can also find out more about the campaign from the COPA website.