Consultation outcome report

Mandatory Concessionary Fares – maintaining free bus
travel for older people, disabled people and some
injured service veterans

Summary of Responses from Stakeholders

• Between the 10 October 2017 and 12 January 2018, the Welsh Government received 456 unique responses to the consultation questions
• A small majority or 40% of the responses we received said that the Welsh Government should take over responsibility for the scheme, but 36% said that responsibility should remain with local authorities
• 54% argued that the current age of eligibility for free bus travel (aged 60 and over) should be retained
• Of the 406 respondents expressing a preference, 98% supported maintaining the eligibility of disabled people to travel by bus free of charge. 75% agreed that more than one companion should be permitted when required
• Of the 392 respondents expressing a preference, 91% agreed with the Welsh Government approach allowing some injured service veterans free bus travel
• Of the 371 respondents who expressed a preference, 52% agreed that free bus travel should be extended to people who volunteer in the community
• Of 403 respondents who expressed a preference on this question, 95% argued that maintaining travel at any time of day was an important feature of the current scheme that should be retained.
• 50% of respondents expressing a preference agreed that an application fee could be introduced, of whom 78% said that all people who are eligible for the concession should pay the application fee, whilst 14% said that older people should pay, 4% said disabled people and 3% said injured service veterans.
• Of the 394 respondents who expressed a preference, 84% agreed that that the Welsh Government should explore extending free travel to other modes of local public transport

You can read the complete summary of responses HERE.

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