Elvis Tribute Act

An ‘Elvis’ Tribute Act, performed by CJ Horton, has supported our Virtual Reality project and entertainment for Care Homes.

Virtual Reality

We conceived our Virtual Reality (VR) project to provide residents in Care Homes the ability to experience the world outside. We have called our VR project “Inside – Outside”.

Elvis Tribute Act: Live in Ty Penallta

In the early days of the Covid pandemic, it limited us to where we could go start filming 360 videos. CJ Horton is ‘Elvis’, known for his “Tributes to Elvis”. He enthusiastically agreed to do a special performance for our “Inside – Outside” project. There was a significant issue though – where could we hold a performance like this during the covid social distancing climate? Many thanks to Caerphilly County Borough Council, who agreed that we could use their Ty Penallta reception area after hours.

With the ending of the Covid restrictions, we have now been able to take these and other videos into Care Homes. You can read details of what we have been doing with our VR videos in these 2 articles:

Inside – Outside: Virtual Reality Project

Dementia Action Week

‘Elvis’ Care Home Tour

Through the summer of 2021, ‘Elvis’ gave many live performances on the grounds of Care Homes around Caerphilly.

The event in Church View, Caerphilly, took place on a lovely summer day. All the residents watched the performance outside. We saw residents ‘dancing’ along with the music. Even a passer-by, walking his dog, joined in the action!

Residents of Trafalgar Park Care Home in Nelson were treated to a similar performance. ‘Elvis’ was supported by some unexpected dancers in the guise of care worker Hayley Vega Zabala, an old friend of the forum, who danced in costume to Hound Dog, and Carrie Williams, who was perfectly kitted out for Rock’n’roll.

Church View Care Home manager Ellen Smith commented to CJ, “Thank you very much from myself and my team. Our residents had a wonderful morning and chatted about the wonderful time they had throughout the day. Thank you very much xx”

Councillor Shayne Cook, Cabinet Member for Social Care thanked Caerphilly Over 50. He said it was a brilliant idea to have an Elvis Tribute act in Care Home gardens. CJ brought much needed entertainment to the residents and staff. It was great to see residents and staff thoroughly enjoying CJ’s act.

Elvis serenades care home residents