History of Share-a-Smile Events

The Share-a-Smile events have been a feature of our engagement with Caerphilly residents for many years. We have to thank Lewis School Pengam for their cooperation in letting us use their Hall for free. Other venues have included Caerphilly Castle and Llancaiach Fawr. Caerphilly Council has also helped by contributing to the costs.

You can see some of our earlier events HERE.

A talented female vocalist, George Formby, and a harpist have been among the entertainers. There has also been a lecture on bee-keeping. The audience was a little surprised one year when the entertainment was a dance instructor. She had the audience dancing in their seats and, for the more mobile, learning a gentle waltz step. Everybody was in stitches having great fun.

Lewis School was one of many schools that supported lunch clubs across Caerphilly. Led by Mike Oliver, Assistant Head, their lunch club continued right up to the start of the pandemic. It seemed like the lunch club subsidies would face a significant reduction. Another casualty of austerity. To keep it going, we were successful in applying for a lottery grant.

Lunch Club

Our close association with Lewis School led to our participation in “Poetry Together”. Lewis School and Trafalgar Park Care Home performed together at the local event. Our entry was so successful that they invited us to London as one of only five ‘Teams’.

Share-a-Smile in August

Caerphilly Over 50 is pleased to return this summer with a new entertainment event. Once again, Lewis School has offered its Hall for our use. We are indebted to the caretaker for helping us because it is the school holidays. We want to connect with our old members and welcome new ones, now the pandemic is over.

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Share-a-Smile has returned to Lewis School this year. The event is free with a buffet and professional entertainers.