An expert group has been set up to advise the Welsh Government on its strategy for housing an ageing population. Over the summer, the Group have undertaken a wide ranging consultation – a national debate – about improving housing options for older people.

The sort of issues considered were:

  • What can we do to help prepare for nearly a quarter of Wales’ population expected to be over 65 in ten years- time?
  • Do we have enough of the right homes suitable for older people?
  • Will these homes support people to live independently for as long as possible?
  • Is moving a real choice for older people in Wales and if not, why not?

Direct involvement of Older People themselves was seen as an important part of that process. Caerphilly 50+ Forum was able to make an effective contribution to this consultation which impacts on many of older people in the Borough.  We completed a comprehensive critique of the issues and following a discussion of the Steering Group members, submitted the attached consultation response, that can be read or downloaded HERE.

We were pleased to receive a response from the Welsh Government to thank Caerphilly 50+ Forum members for taking the time to develop this response. A number of our points resonated with the thinking of the Expert Group, particularly the need for better and more integrated assessment of housing and care needs at local level and the opportunities provided by the Social Services and Well-Being Act in this context; the potential of “smart” technology and the need for trusted equity release schemes. However, it was also stated that there are other interesting ideas in our paper too which will be fed in to the Group’s deliberations. The Forum’s contribution will be brought to the attention of the Expert Group and the Welsh Government will be publishing a summary of responses on their website in due course.

Our response to this consultation has been sent to other relevant groups to help with their responses. We have, for example, had our response endorsed by the Neath Port Talbot Older Persons’ Council.