Caerphilly 50 Plus Forum is an independent voluntary organisation run for the benefit of older people. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Caerphilly Borough who are over 50. We monitor, provide feedback and, if necessary, challenge changes proposed by national and local government that affect our older residents. Our current focus is promoting age-friendly communities.

A Note from our Chairman

We created this website and our Facebook page to provide you with information about what is happening in Caerphilly Borough that may impact on you, the over 50s residents, and to give you the opportunity to provide feedback to us.

Over the next few months, the design and content of the website will be changing. A significant addition will be devoted to (unpaid) carers. Many carers will fit our demographic. Others may be younger but will care for those over 50 who, hopefully, will be interested in the information we have to offer.

The interest in the 50+ Forum continues to grow. We now have over 350 members on our database. In addition there are 89 electronic subscribers to our Newsletter and 247 “Page Likes” on our Facebook page. We currently print 3500 copies of our Newsletter and this is likely to double at the next printing.

You will see from our “Aims and Objectives” that we have a clear focus on helping to create age-friendly communities in throughout Caerphilly Borough. While we have a strong and experienced Steering Committee, we could always use more helpful volunteers and Steering Group members. If you would like to join us please complete the membership form. Or send us comments / feedback.

What People are Saying

Victoria Lloyd: Age Cymru’s Chief Executive

“Given the constructive partnerships we’ve built with the Welsh Government during the pandemic, we  find the omission of older people from any priority in rebuilding astonishing.

“Older people have faced ageism and age discrimination from the outset of the pandemic which needs to be addressed in the long term. Older people have told us of the guilt they have felt because of the lockdown and feel that they are to blame which is clearly a result of the rhetoric of ageism that has perpetuated throughout the pandemic.”

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Cllr Carl Cuss: Cabinet Member for Social Care and Wellbeing, Caerphilly Council

On Developing Virtual Reality Videos: “During this challenging time, with guidelines on social distancing, many people may feel they are cut off from the world. Using technology to give our care-home residents the feeling of being outdoors, in familiar settings, is a fantastic idea.”

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Heléna Herklots CBE: Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

As the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, my role is to protect and promote older people’s rights and ensure that action is taken to improve their lives.

Ending ageism and age discrimination, which underpin many of the issues and challenges faced by older people, is a priority, and over the next three years I will be delivering a wide range of work focused on tackling these issues.

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Martin Cook: Manager of the Visitor Centre – Caerphilly

I was extremely pleased to meet with members of Caerphilly Borough 50 Plus Forum early this year. The concept of “Chatty Café” was exciting as it matched the friendly, welcoming ethos of the Visitor Centre. We were very happy to work with the Forum to introduce a Chatter and Natter table here.

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    Items about the Forum or other news that may affect the over 50 residents of Caerphilly Borough

  • Carers (Unpaid)

    Go here if you support a friend or family member who is older, disabled or seriously ill

Video Corner

Caerphilly 50 plus Forum have been working closely with the Caerphilly Borough Council Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Team to deliver talks on how to recognise abuse and what can be done about it. We have also produced a DVD(reproduced above) which is being widely distributed around the Borough to potentially vulnerable adults.

Caerphilly County Borough Council Member Champion for Older People

I was delighted to be appointed as Older Persons Champion for Caerphilly Borough. I intend to meet regularly with the Caerphilly County Borough 50+ Forum and help to publicise the excellent work that they do. It was particularly pleasing to be able to introduce them to the CADW team in Caerphilly Castle for them to arrange their Annual General Meeting event this year.
At a time of financial constraints, my role as your Champion will be a challenging one.
Developing links with older people’s groups in the area, listening to their views and really championing their voices from within the council is one of the most important parts of being an Older People’s Champion. The 50+ Forum, therefore, represents a great way to access the views of the older population in Caerphilly borough. This website provides one of the ways in which you can make your voice heard.