Health & Care Services fit for the Future


Our last consultation response related to the Interim Report of an expert panel established by the Government into a review of Health and Social Care in Wales. We have now responded to the White Paper relating to Quality and Governance in Health and Care in Wales.

There have been a number of pieces of legislation that address aspects of health and care and their integration; the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014; the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015; and the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2015. In 2015 there was a Green Paper, “Our Health, Our Health Service”. The Response Summary of the related consultation can be read HERE.

The latest White Paper, to which we respond here, draws on the results from this consultation. A summary of this White Paper can be read HERE.

Quality and Governance in Health and Care in Wales

We think there are important gaps in this White Paper and have provided comprehensive feedback outlining our concerns. Our full response can be seen HERE. Below there is a table summarising the main items of our response.

A Summary of Caerphilly 50+ Forum’s Response to the White Paper
White Paper Subject Welsh Government Proposals Caerphilly 50+ Response
Measures to promote effective governance Proposals to strengthen membership of LHBs No coverage of how duties to work with Social Service fit into revised Governance arrangements
Duty of Quality for the Population of Wales Reciprocal duty with local authorities to co-operate and work in partnership to improve the quality of services provided Need to build on arrangements already in place for Councils just introduced rather than start something different
Common Standards for Person-Centered Care Common standards for person-centred health and care across NHS, independent health sector and social care Difficult and complex aim across very broad area that has little direct relevance for service users. Suggest high level common standards at the inter-section of health and social care where they could drive up the quality of services provided jointly
Joint Health and Social Services Complaints System Proposals for joint complaints system Need to be dealt with by integrated trained team and all aspects of complaint are taken forward in tandem not separately
Representing the Citizen in Health and Social Care Abolish Community Health Councils and introduce new model based on Scottish Health Council No consideration as to how existing model could be improved and insufficient detail about how the Scottish model would work in Wales, especially in relation to jointly provided services. Scottish Government is reviewing their model as unsure that it is fit for purpose.
Inspection and Regulation and a Single Body Ensuring a clearer underpinning legislative framework for HIW will help to foster closer integration and joint working with CSSIW The case for a single body for regulation and inspection of health and social care outside of Welsh Government is undeniable. Wales is the only country in the UK where both inspection bodies are directly within Government and separate.