Virtual Reality Project – Update JUNE 2020

The Feature Image above is what they call a ‘tiny planet’ view – it wraps the 360 image into a ball – it’s not at all what it will look like in VR but quite spectacular even in 2D.

I hope you will be pleasantly surprised to see that we are progressing with our Virtual Reality project, despite the current restrictions (to which we are adhering). Tom Burmeister of PlayFrame has already purchased our Virtual Reality headsets and has been out doing some initial filming.

No, the trees are not about to fall down! Just 3D pictures rendered in 2D.

Tom has been filming both 360 and 180 degree videos in Bute Park and Thompson’s Park so that we can use our new headsets to get a better understanding of what the options have to offer. We will then be able to determine which camera we want to purchase for one of the options or, perhaps, select a camera capable of both. So, we need to start to get acquainted with the new headsets and how to use them and see what we make of the different formats.

There are plans afoot to record a music concert. There will hopefully be news to follow in the next update as we scope this further.