Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation

Our Consultation Response

The Caerphilly 50 + Forum response to the consultation document, “Connected Communities; Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation”, can be read HERE.

Some of the key features of our response to the questions set out in the Consultation are:

  • Provide support and funding for inter-generational activities between old and young in an organised and structured programme.
  • Address the impact of isolation and loneliness for older men living alone and its consequences for pressures on social services, housing etc. (see response to Q6)
  • Transport is essential to many older people who cannot or no longer drive a car. An effective, safe, reliable, accessible and integrated transport system is needed which allows older people to lead the lives they want to live without restrictions.
  • Over 40% of people over 75 do not have or use a computer. The inclusion of Older People through IT learning and support and access to services and help “face to face” not just “online” will help combat loneliness.
  • Tackling isolation and loneliness must include help through GPs and community health services.
  • Income maximization programmes that were operated with great success by Councils in the past should be revitalized.
  • We want to see the creation of Age-Friendly Communities across Wales that recognise and celebrate diversity, brings people together to challenge ageism and ensure that all ages can fully participate in community life.
  • A robust funding framework to support the implementation of this Strategy is essential. Funding must allow small groups to innovate so that excellent ideas at the “ground level” are not lost because of the lack of funding.

You can see the complete response to the consultation HERE:

The increasing awareness of the Welsh Government that loneliness and social isolation is a growing threat to public health is described in our “News” Section.

In their consultation document, the Welsh Government set out their views, while opening the opportunity for a wider debate.