Did you know that people 75 or over can get a FREE TV licence? BUT  you have to apply !TV Licensing

The process of applying for a free licence can start when you are 74. Your current TV Licence is likely to expire some time after your 74th birthday, so this will ensure that you only pay for the part of this final year up to your 75th birthday. You can find the details here.

If you didn’t apply when you were 74, you can still apply at any time that you are 75 or older. You can find the details  here.

If you are not entitled to a free TV Licence, you may find it convenient to spread the payments for your licence either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Details of the TV Licensing’s Payment Card can be found here.

Contact phone numbers are given below:-

To enquire about the licence for people aged 75 or over – 0300 790 6073

To apply for the TV Licensing Payment Card call  0300 555 0286
For general TV Licensing enquiries – 0300 790 6115
To use the translation service – 0300 790 6044
To use the textphone facility – 0300 790 6050