The Council thanked members of the 50+ Forum for their contribution in shaping the budget for 2015. Members met on the 14th January to discuss the potential effect of budget cuts and how these might be mitigated.

“A number of cuts contained on the original list of savings proposals were withdrawn as a result of listening to the feedback from residents. The proposals that were withdrawn are as follows:

  • 10p increase in car park charges at Pay and Display car parks
  • Introduction of car park charges on a Sunday
  • Increase in car park excess charge notice penalties
  • Removal of an Environmental Health Officer post

Amendments were also made to two specific proposals following feedback from the consultation:

  • 50p increase in Meals on Wheels (instead of proposed £1 per meal)
  • Civic Amenity Sites closed 1day per week (instead of proposed 2 days)”

The full letter received by 50+ Forum can be downloaded here  Budget thank you 50+ Forum March 2015