Lack of Welsh Government action is failing care home residents across Wales

The Commissioner’s Press report says that the Welsh Government has failed to take the action it promised in a number of key areas to drive up the quality of life of older people living in care homes in Wales, according to a new report published today by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales.

Below are some of the comments from the press report that quote Older People’s  Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira.

“When I published the findings of my Care Home Review, I was clear that a wide range of action was needed, at both a national and a local level, to ensure that quality of life sits at the heart of our care home system.

“All of the public bodies subject to my Care Home Review welcomed its findings and made specific public commitments to take action in response to the requirements for action set out within my Review report, ‘A Place to Call Home?’.

“Health Boards and Local Authorities have made some positive progress and as a result of my Review are now delivering a wide range of activity focused on improving the quality of life of older people living in care homes, but more needs to be done and the pace of change must increase significantly to deliver the best possible outcomes for care home residents.

“I am very disappointed, however, that the Welsh Government has failed to show sufficient leadership and take sufficient action in a number of key areas, such as continence care, falls prevention and workforce planning, where a national approach is needed to drive meaningful cultural change, ensure greater accountability and promote the more effective use of evidence-based good practice.”

“There must be a renewed focus from the Welsh Government, Health Boards and Local Authorities on taking meaningful action to deliver upon the commitments they made in response to my Care Home Review. A failure to do so will mean that our care home system is unable to meet the changing care and support needs of older people and, more importantly, will mean that too many older people living in care homes continue to have an unacceptable quality of life.”

A Place to Call Home: Impact & Analysis

Assessing progress to improve the quality of life and care of older people living in care homes in Wales. Access the full report HERE.