Mike Oliver, Assistant Head Teacher at Lewis School Pengam, explained how important the Community School concept and Inter-generational groups were to the school.

“At Lewis School Pengam we have embraced the Community School concept and have placed it at the heart of our school ethos. We run a series of activities and events both during and after school. In order to run these we work in partnership with statutory and voluntary groups. Our recent ESTYN Inspection called our inter-generational work exemplary; the work consists of monthly sequence dancing, run by Eileen and Brian Swithens and a weekly lunch club which sees 50 -60 over 50’s coming into school on Wednesdays. The benefits to the school have been enormous with our pupils engaging on a regular basis with a generation they sometimes don’t mix with. At the same time it has been wonderful for our over 50’s to have the opportunity to socialise with our youngsters. Without doubt this is as Head teacher Chris Parry described it the “Jewel in the Crown”of the activities at Lewis School.”