Abermill Care Home – Caerphilly

Care Home residents enjoy trip out “to the pictures”.

Since the original release of The Jungle Book is a 1967, residents at Abermill Care Home were excited to learn that the film had once again had a revamp. To celebrate this some of the residents at the home joined the staff at the cinema to watch the new release.


Armed with popcorn the residents went to enjoy one of their favourite childhood films and there has been plenty of laughs and reminiscing about the day. As many of the residents who went to watch the new version of The Jungle Book have grandchildren and great grandchildren the event gave a great subject to help interact with the younger generation, there was some disagreement to which film was ultimately the best version.  Plans are already on the way for the next visit to the cinema and family’s wishing to join in the event.



John Roberts – Manager at Abermill Care Home commented “it was a real pleasure to hear some of the residents getting animated about whether the latest release was better than the original version but more than that there experience of a trip out “to the pictures” it was wonderful to see how much enjoyment they had from it.


Regional Managing Director Paula Keys commented “I know residents at Abermill Care Home enjoy a very active social life so it is very pleasing to hear they are enjoying the opportunity to have a good old fashioned night out!