Goodbye to Windows 7 (Support)

Windows 7 has been, and still is, a very popular operating system. In September 2018 it still had a larger market share than the latest operating system, Windows 10.

Mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in January 2013; Microsoft stopped adding improved features to the product. However, they have continued to fix any bugs in the software. They will completely cease to support Windows 7 from January 2020 which means that the operating system will become increasingly vulnerable and put the system security at risk.

The computer will still work when support ends but it will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

If you are not sure which operating system your computer uses, ComputerHope provide a simple explanation of how to find out.

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of information on the internet about this event and suggestions of how best to manage it. TechRadar provide a comprehensive explanation and cover a range of possible solutions.

How to prepare for Windows 7 End of Life

Another detailed review covering the end to Windows 7 but also explaining about Windows 10, what is new and how to upgrade is contained in this WHICH? Article.

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