The History of the Caerphilly County Borough 50+ Forum

An Independent, Representative, Voluntary Organisation

The Welsh Government recommended, in 2004, that each Local Authority establish a 50+ Forum. Each Forum was to be given representative rights to enable its older residents to get their voices heard. They formed a key group for the Local Authority and other organisations to consult on issues affecting the over-50s.

The members established a Steering Group as the Forum became an independent voluntary organisation with a constitution, elected officers, and a bank account.

As well as its representative role, the Forum has developed many valuable projects.

In 2006, it established its first website with a Help and advice section to enable people to find services and support in the area. Over the next 5 years, members sat on and contributed to the 50+ Positive Action Partnership and some of its operational subgroups.

During this period, Forum members created a successful digital lobbying project, which supported local people to make short ‘films’ on subjects that mattered to them. We made many of these films to lobby for change. Help the Aged “Just Equal Treatment” campaign used one of our films, which resulted in members attending a lobbying event at Westminster.

Ageing Better

We completed a new website in 2015 when we also ‘rebranded’ as Caerphilly Over 50. We also created a new Facebook page and started a series of digital inclusion training sessions.

Despite austerity and the covid pandemic, we have continued to develop a range of imaginative programmes. This has been a difficult time for Care Homes but we have dedicated many of our projects to support them:

Poetry Together

Elvis Tribute Act

Inside – Outside Virtual Reality

Our Officers have played a key role as the Chair and Vice Chair of Cymru Older People’s Alliance in developing that charity. Our major new endeavour is supporting the Older People’s Commissioner with the development of Age-Friendly Communities.