The History of the Caerphilly County Borough 50+ Forum

The Welsh Assembly Government’s Strategy for Older People recommends each of the 22 Local Authorities in Wales establishes a 50+ forum to enable older people across Wales to have the opportunity to get their voices heard on issues that matter to them.

The Caerphilly Borough 50+ Forum was, therefore, established in 2004. A key role of the forum has been to be a voice for those who are 50+ across the borough, and a key group that the Local Authority and other organisations can consult with on issues relating to the 50+.

The Forum was established as an independent voluntary organisation with a constitution, elected officers and its own bank account.  It is run by an elected Steering Group / Management Committee. The aims of the forum are:

  • To act as a focus for the views of the over 50’s in the borough
  • To speak with a voice that represents those views as fairly as possible; and
  • To make sure that this voice is effective

The forum has undertaken a number of important projects over the years including:

  • 2006: The establishment of their first website with a Help and advice section to enable people to find services and support tin the area.
  • 2006 – 2013: Members sat on and contributed to the 50+ Positive Action Partnership and a number of its operational subgroups.
  • 2006 – 2011: The forum held public meetings, on average 4 times a year.
  • 2007: The establishment of a successful digital lobbying project, which supported local people to make short ‘films’ on subjects that mattered to them. These films can be seen on the Caerphilly 50+ forum YouTube pages. Some of these films were used to lobby for change and one film in particular was used as part of the Help the Aged “Just Equal Treatment” campaign, with forum members attending a lobbying event at Westminster
  • 2009: The forum established firm links with the Caerphilly youth forum.
  • 2014: Saw a range of work supporting dignity & respect including the 50+ forum work in partnership with the RVS to help develop the Caerphilly “Care to listen…Listen to Care” project. The aim is to support residential care home residents to comment on what would improve their quality of life.
  • 2015: So far we have launched the redesigned this website , and a new face book page and started a series of digital inclusion training sessions.