The Aims of Over 50 Caerphilly

  • Your Views

    To act as a focus for the views of the over 50’s in the borough.

  • Representation

    To represent those views as fairly and effectively as possible.

The Benefits of Over 50 Caerphilly

  • Being Heard

    Older people from across the borough have a clear and  recognised means by which their opinions can be heard.

  • Framework

    Over 50 Caerphilly provides the framework for ensuring older people are able to have access to Local Authority officers, as well as the Older Peoples’ Champions.

  • Established

    Local statutory bodies and voluntary agencies have a readily identifiable group that they can approach about older people’s issues.

  • Campaigning

    Over 50 Caerphilly will campaign on all issues affecting the lives of older people living in the county borough of Caerphilly.


  • A Welcome Awaits

    Membership of the Over 50 Caerphilly is open to anyone over the age of 50 and resident in the borough of Caerphilly.
    Make sure your views are represented in the decisions that affect your lives.

    To find out details of when and where the next meeting, ‘Events‘ page on this website. Alternatively you can call Mandy Sprague on 01443 864277.