Getting Online

A significant number of people across Caerphilly County borough either do not know how to access the internet, use computers, mobile phones or tablet devises or are simple not very confident and therefore feel intimidated by this new technology!

There is a lot of support available to help people with these issues. In Caerphilly one the best ways to get support is either to pop along to one of the local libraries and ask about ‘Digital Fridays ‘ session they run. Where staff and volunteers help people to get online and understand how to use and feel safe using their own devises.

Alternatively people can contact the Get Caerphilly Online team direct and to see what support and advice they can give you.

Mattew Bevan 01443 864305

Matthew Lloyd 07766 495617 matthew.Lloyd@walescooperative.or

Making the Most of the InternetAge UK Logo

You may find this Age UK articleMaking the Most of the Internetan interesting introduction. It introduces some of the basics that are likely to be most useful to all internet users: getting an email account, searching, free phone calls (Skype) and social networking. Click on the Age UK logo to go to the page on their web site.

Get Safe Online

It is essential that users take sensible precautions when using digital devices (computers) to protect themselves. Thankfully, the internet provides the means of finding out how to protect yourself from the threats that exist there.Get Safe Online

One very useful resource that you should visit is Get Safe Online. They are a public/private sector partnership, supported by the Government. They have a wealth of information, covering over 100 distinct topics