Age-Friendly Updates: September 2023


We will add articles to the Age-Friendly Updates page regularly to inform the progress of Caerphilly’s over 50 programmes. Posts will include some views on the Age-Friendly process.

Caerphilly will not be the only topic for our blogs. We will publish news from around Wales when it is available.

The Caerphilly Over 50 Age-Friendly Logo1. Caerphilly Age-Friendly Communities (AFCs)

1.1 In The Beginning

Joy Matthews is a founder member of Caerphilly 50+ Forum. She remains a stalwart member to this day. You can see Joy in action in these videos.

POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults)

Top Tips for renewing your Blue Badge

Euthanasia is alive and well by Joy Matthews

Joy remains a committed committee member, attending all our meetings.

It was always obvious that Joy was keenly interested in what was happening in the Borough. You can see from the above videos that she got her voice heard.

You can join us and make a difference. Age-Friendly Communities provide you with an opportunity to be heard and be a part of the expanding community.

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1.2 Steering Committee

The Committee met on the 24th of July after a 10-month break. The new Age-Friendly Lead Officer was not yet in-post. However, the council had already identified a successful candidate for the post. Hopefully, the new officer would be in the post by early September.

Dave McKinney, from the Older People’s Commissioner’s Office, gave his view about “Engagement” as it relates to AFCs.

Our Vice-Chair, also Chair of Cymru Older People’s Alliance (COPA), presented a paper from COPA. Forum Representative helped develop and approve the paper, “Developing Age-Friendly Communities in Wales”. The attendees at the Steering Committee accepted the paper.

CCBC presented a draft work plan, which had minor changes to the original presented 2 years ago.

1.3 Share-a-Smile

Ricky Jenkins as 'Elvis' at our Share-a-Smile eventThe Covid pandemic had made it impossible to hold events for the last 3 years. So, it was exciting to plan another of our “Share-a-Smile” events this summer. Once again, we are grateful to Lewis School, Pengam, for allowing us to use their facilities. We also have to thank COPA for providing us with their “Restart Funding” and CCBC, who covered the cost of the buffet, provided by their catering group.

‘Elvis’, a tribute act by Ricky Jenkins, provided a rousing session of entertainment from the iconic star. Several couples took to the floor to dance along with Elvis and Ceri Hopkins orchestrated a spontaneous hand jive. Ceri concluded our programme with some gentle participation for the audience in a social foxtrot.

1.4 Virtual Reality

We have completed the purchase of a further 3 VR Headsets, as requested by the council care staff. The headsets have been setup by our consultant and loaded with the 360 videos. We plan to film two more 360 videos. The Care staff have selected the topics for these videos. The poor summer weather is preventing the start of filming.

We are trying to secure a backup technical resource within the council to support the Care Homes for the long term.

1.5 An Introduction to Age-Friendly Communities

This video is from The Centre for Ageing Better. Some presentations from recognised practitioners.

1.6 Engagement as Practised by Swansea

We captured this video from the presentation they made to COPA Forum Representatives’ meeting

2.Gwent Well-Being Plan

Gwent Public Service Board has published “Building a Fairer Gwent”. It examines Improving Health Equity and the Social Determinants.

Download a copy

It is based on the eight Marmot Principles:

  1. Give every child the best start in life
  2. Enable all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their livesIntergenerational Poetry Together with Lewis school and Trafalgar park Care Home
  3. Create fair employment and good work for all
  4. Ensure a healthy standard of living for all
  5. Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities
  6. Strengthen the role and impact of ill-health prevention
  7. Tackle racism, discrimination and their outcomes
  8. Pursue environmental sustainability and health equity together

Also, the Gwent Well-Being Plan is now available. Download a copy.

3. This month’s Blog

Search for Coproduction,” reviews how Local Authorities in Wales are using “Coproduction” or “Involvement”. These are important requirements for developing both Well-Being Plans and Age-Friendly Communities. The review found that most Local Authorities did not have reference to “Involvement” in their policies. Those that included it did not use it as defined by authorities in Wales.


The National Principles for Public Engagement in Wales

Well-Being Plans and Age-Friendly Communities require development with the engagement of residents. “Coproduction” and “Involvement” are the highest levels of the participation ladder concept. This is the level of engagement that is expected.

On the COPA website, you can read the journey of Swansea Ageing Well to engage with their residents.

Read Here

SEE ALSO: The July Age-Friendly Updates, Section 4. Engagement.

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