A New Initiative

The latest Strategy for an Ageing Society in Wales was published by Welsh Government (WG) in October 2021. The associated Implementation Plan was published in April 2022. Both documents demonstrate that WG see the concept of Age Friendly Communities (AFC) as central to improving the life of older people in Wales.

The programme is being led by the Older People’s Commissioner. The Commissioner and her AFC Steering Group are currently concentrating on helping Councils to understand the concept and develop their own programmes to gain accreditation with the WHO.

Caerphilly Council have established their own AFC Steering group that includes our Chair and Vice Chair. Over the last few months, an initial programme of consultations with residents has been progressing to gain a view of what the Council could address to take Caerphilly further towards an Age-Friendly community. You can read a brief overview of the areas for consideration for improvement through the AFC process.